After Mike Myers direction of No Time To Die and The King’s Man, Myers reprise with an iconic role on Austin Powers 4. The Austin Power, thus makes its comeback with well-loved comedy series setting a trilogy of hype. Throughout the last three installments of Austin Power, the creator attached an aim at the James Bond franchise and spy cinema.

Myers revive himself to the best time to reprise with a new comedy show for fans. Making an interest in the spy thriller sub-genre at the present time beings. Although Myers mentions in early 2005 about fourth installments and in the 2018 interview he confirms about the non-existence of the script.


The creator himself cast him in the show. They are Mike Myers as Austin Powers and Seth Green as Scott Evil.


January 2020 confirmed the interest in making a fourth Austin Powers film. Both the star and director of the series set a mark about the storyline of the show. The 4th season features Dr. Evil with his son, with the return of Fat Bastard. Myers set a sequel for the delay in filming and thus thought off to bring back classic 007 by his acting. Thus the creator creating Austin Powers 4 seems quite happening.

Air Date

Austin Power 4 might be released but there are no confirmation about the air date in further.