In most institutions, students are asked to write essays to help them express their thoughts on different topics affecting the community. Since these thoughts have to be factual, the students are encouraged to research and expand their reasoning. At the same time, the student’s creativity is also developed. It is important to note that research is the only way to expand your knowledge on various subjects. In this article, you get to see the essential attributes of a good essay. For instance, you are writing a casino review and creating an article simultaneously, you should keep in mind that other people will read the article. That is why you should pay attention to writing only those things that will draw their attention, and what is more important will help your potential reader find out more about the casino services and games.

Particular subject

Most writings nowadays tend to address more than one topic in the same paper. However, for an essay, especially a good one, the student should focus on addressing a particular topic and exhausting it completely. In addition, you have to make sure that your arguments and the final subjective opinion align. It would be best to remember that you aim to persuade the reader to agree with your opinion. Hence, the facts stated in the paper should be consistent.

Make it as brief as possible

With all the information available today, it isn’t easy to make an essay short, not to mention your creativity. It is what makes essay writing a very crucial subject. A very voluminous essay is more likely to have contradictory opinions and arguments. Furthermore, the reader might get confused while trying to understand your voluminous paper, leading to miscommunication. Strive to keep your paper as short as possible.

Simple language

An essay is a severe paper, and therefore, you are required to use no formal language. Avoid the use of slang, formulaic phrases, and strange abbreviations. It is also important to note that, as much as you strive to use formal language, remember to keep it simple. The reader should not struggle to understand the words in the paper but be convinced at its end. Remember, you are not writing a dictionary.

Reach out

As said before, an essay aims to try and convince the reader. Your prime goal is to share your thoughts with the reader. Therefore, making contact with the reader is your prime goal. You can achieve this by using common examples surrounding humanity. Something that will be easier for the reader to fathom. Making the reader feel that you are aware and part of what they experience is crucial in helping you connect with them. Although this is not a primary attribute, it boosts your paper’s readability.

Be factual

It is crucial to support your arguments in an essay with facts, especially those not apparent. Not supporting your arguments in an essay shows a lack of confidence in your thoughts and ideas. At the same time, backing up your arguments with false evidence is a red flag to the reader. The reader should not feel that the author will go at any length to convince them. It should be consensual. An essay with factual evidence backing its argument has a higher chance of convincing a reader.

Logical presentation

Finally, as much as an essay is a free composition in terms of ideas, a logical flow of ideas must be present. The reader should be able to go through the paper smoothly. There should be a harmonious correlation between your ideas, arguments, and opinion on the subject matter.


Every single idea in an essay should make sense. Remember that a logical flow of ideas must be present when writing an essay. Apart from sticking to the format and rules of essay writing, the tips above should be enough to help you write a convincing essay. Remember, connection with the reader is critical.