Arifureta season 2: Release Date, Plot, Cast and everything we know till date!

Arifureta being another modern anime that has nothing more than typical Isekai stereotypes. Mostly it takes a slightly different approach compared to similar anime, instead of focusing more on world-building.

On another hand, the plot drives through the development of its main character. It is quite generic and obvious that there is nothing too interesting and familiar with most Isekai anime.

Arifureta season 2: Release Date, Plot, Cast and everything we know till date!

Moreover, The protagonist of the story will drive the mind of viewers to the end. In contrast with manga, fans have been complaining about its horrible placing. Overall ‘Arifureta’ is an anime with a lot of potentials and could bring out the best from the modern Isekai.


Here in the anime, the protagonist Hajime Nagumo, being a hardcore Otaku likes to stay up all night playing video games and sleep during the day. Consequently, one day his whole life takes a u-turn.

While his fantasy world dream comes to life, he summoned to the world where he tried to save humanity from utter extinction. Along with horror, all of his classmates summoned together with him to save the world.

Being bullied from the outer world it started to threaten him, from a world full of monsters and demons without having godlike abilities that others possess.


Tio Clarce, Shia Haulia, Hajime Nagumo, Kaori Shirasaki


As per the report, “Arifureta” season 1 was premiered on July 8, 2019. Meanwhile for the corona outbreak likewise every other production this anime is also expected to release in 2020.