Netflix’s sci-fi Another Life is coming back for a Season 2. According to the lead actors, we might be seeing the series run for a couple more seasons. The show is created by Aaron Martin. Fans of Another Life brace yourselves for more of Katee Sackhoff.


Season 1 pretty much had us glued to the screens. The plot, the action and the drama in the series are very engaging. In Season 1 an artifact, shaped like an annulus, had landed on earth mysteriously. No one knew how, where, or who was responsible for it. United States Interstellar Command sends Erick Wallace to investigate about it. While Erick is trying to figure out its origin, his wife, Nico and her crew investigate for the same in their spaceship Salvare. The couple also has a daughter Jana and it is Erick’s responsibility to take care of her. The show comes to a suspenseful twist when Salvare loses contact with Earth. This leaves Earth and Nico on their own fates. The spaceship is about to face a lot of disasters and there is no way they can contact Earth about the impending danger coming their way.

All we know about the monolith is that it belongs to the alien race Achaia. An AI on planet Zakir tells them that the aliens have not initiated contact for friendship. In Season 1 we saw how the aliens controlled journalist Harper Glass through the monolith. Eventually, they also exude their control on Erick. This leads to him giving his daughter Jana to the aliens for the sake of keeping her safe. Nico fights her husband on this but she possibly cannot do anything until Salvare comes back on Earth. The aliens know that Nico is a threat to them and try their best to keep her away.

Will Nico save Jana? Will Salvare come back to its home? Who are these aliens and what do they want from Earth? Will the mystery of the monolith be decoded? Only Season 2 can give the answers to these questions.


Nobody is safe on the crew. We never know who will die next. The mains are Katee Sackhoff, Justin Chatwin, Samuel Anderson, Blu Hunt, A.J. Rivera, Alex Ozerov, Alexander Eling, JayR Tinaco, Lina Renna, Elizabeth Ludlow and Seema Blair.

Tongayi Chirisa will be seen on board as Richard Ncube for Season 2. Dillon Casey as Seth George, Shannon Chan-Kent as Iara and Kurt Yaeger as Dillon Conner will also be joining him.

Ian(Tyler Hoechlin), Salvare’s pilot won’t be coming back as Niko killed him. Bernie killed Sasha(Jake Abel) hence he too won’t be returning in Season 2.

Release Date 

Katee Sackhoff through her Instagram handle has made us aware that shooting has been wrapped up for Season 2. However, we still have no release date.