Popular young actor Lucas Jade Zumann managed to skyrocket his fame with the Netflix series Anne With An E, but long before that, the actor had an appearance on the NBC series Chicago Fire.

During season 4 of Chicago Fire, he had actor Lucas Jade Zumann, just 14 years old at the time, as a guest to play the role of Lucas Hicks.

The appearance of actor Lucas Jade Zumann as Lucas Hicks in Chicago Fire occurred in them episodes 11 and 12 called, “The Path of Destruction”, of the fourth season.

In the episode, a tornado was threatening the city, where many families have lost their homes, one of them is Lucas Hicks.

Lucas’s participation in the Chicago Fire series were his beginnings to be able to acquire great fame years later, especially with his role as Gilbert in Anne With An E.

After he participated in Anne With An E, Lucas Jade Zumann has not announced another project in which he will work, but it is expected that 2021 will reveal good news.