Thanks to the Internet, he has made more money than many veteran novelists with his book Carrion, an unfortunate scoundrel although not a single copy has (so far) set foot in a bookstore. In fact, the book is not yet in print, but that has not prevented its author, the Salamanca-born Angel Miranda, from becoming the Spanish king of crowdfunding the person who has managed to raise the most money online to launch his own book with a total of 38,000 euros, in the absence of a week for the financing round to close. More than 600% of the original objective.

Crowdfunding (also known as crowdfunding) is a means of financing projects through contributions from different people through the internet. A formula to carry out cultural projects, video games, or technological items that have experienced a boom over the last decade thanks to platforms such as Kickstarter or Verkami. The operation is relatively simple: the creators present their product idea and different people support the initiative by contributing money before the product is finished. The advantage for product owners is that they get the capital to develop and refine it. In return, those who contribute the money get the product (the book, the game, the album, etc.) fora lower price than it would have in the market, in addition to other rewards established by the creators.

A formula that emerged thanks to the internet that allows writers and creators like Ángel to earn more money than a large publisher would offer them and maintain control of their work. Something important for this young 37-year-old novelist, whose love for the genre even led him to embark for three months on the replica of a Nao Victoria foundation galleon crossing the North American coast from Florida to New York I had to wash the deck, release sails, paint and act as a tour guide for the galleon when we got to port he recalls.

In Angel’s case, his novel, CarriOn, an unfortunate scoundrel, tells the story of Juan Pablo de CarriOn a Spanish soldier, sailor, and discoverer who lived through some of the most interesting and unique chapters in the history of Spain in the 16th century. like the battle of Villalar de Los comuneros, expeditions together with Juan Sebastián Elcano or Undarreta or when, already being a 69-year-old man, he led the Spanish troops in the battle of Cagayán against Japanese pirates during the era of great Shouguns and samurais.

However, the success of the crowdfunding of Ángel’s book ( about which some excerpts can be read on the Verkami page from which the book can be purchased or supported the project in any of the different ways available ) goes beyond mere Literary expertise and success lies in a combination of originality, a good eye for business, and good use of technology and social media to publicize your project outside of the publishing business.

It is the third crowdfunding that I do and for me there are three pillars that the proposal is good, present it attractively for potential readers, and dissemination, to reach interested readers, Angel Miranda explains to PIXEL.


Jumping into the pool and self-publishing a book in a country like Spain ( where 4 out of 10 Spaniards never read and is the third country in the EU that spends the least on reading ) may seem foolhardy. However, Angel had no choice but to make a virtue of necessity.

My debut in crowdfunding was with the comic Swords of the End of the World, which also has Carrión as the protagonist, and then I also did it with Lezo’s comic which at the time also broke a record and became the comic in Spanish that raised the most thanks to crowdfunding. Within publishers it is a very small and very complicated market, things do not usually come to fruition and, although, for this book I was in conversations with some, I did not want them to edit me as if they were a favor.

Even though the work behind him is as a novelist, this screenwriter, and communicator based in Madrid approach the crowdfunding of his book with a careful business vision. I have commissioned professional reading reports from veterans of the guild, I try to find a balance between historical rigor and narrative structure, I know that the visual component is very important for crowdfunding and I commissioned Alberto Taracido for the illustrations, I was in charge of making a trailer and I took great care is part of it. These are things that a large publisher does not offer you unless you are an extraordinary one, he says.

I am also personally in charge of looking for the distributor, the spell checkers, preparing the personalized packages for those who have contributed to crowdfunding, and taking charge of placing advertisements on Instagram so that it reaches potentially interested parties, he adds.


One of the great novelties is that the book has also been prepared in an audiobook format ( which can be purchased through Crowdfunding for 10 euros, compared to the 17 euros it costs for its printed edition with 16 illustrations ) with 360-degree holophonic sound, which enables surround sound when listening with headphones.

I was in charge of finding a studio, a professional voice actor, and taking great care of the sound effects so that the cannon shots rang over your head when you put on the headphones or so that you could hear the waves of the sea on the sides, he explains. Those who wish to experience how these innovative sound effects work in practice in an audiobook can do so by clicking on this link. Remember to wear headphones to appreciate the nuances well.


Is it more profitable than a publisher? Yes. To reach these levels of investment and profit in a publisher would have to sell many thousands of copies. You also maintain control and absolute rights of the work, says Angel. However, within crowdfunding, all that glitters is not gold and many projects do not reach the minimum funding threshold set by the creators themselves, to end up receiving the money from those who have contributed to the project. Also, not all money is clean. You see very high figures but you also have a lot of expenses, he acknowledges. Also, in the case of Ángel, he himself had to advance money from his pocket to prepare the recordings, the trailer, pay for the illustrations, or put advertising campaigns on Instagram so that people know about the existence of the project and can contribute.

It is not a panacea, he sums up. It requires a lot of work and is complicated by the issue of promotion, by the issue of control, financial logistics and because you have to take care of regulating everything with the Treasury and registering as self-employed he explains. Also, he continues, you have to talk to the printer, make sure that the quality of the product is good, that it works well, contact the distributor and you have to personally take care of sending the packages with the copies and the rewards. those who have contributed. in the case of the comic de Lezo had to send nearly 3000 packages and clear. it becomes a ball. Well, that and write and rewrite the book until it is perfect, he jokes.