As the end of the month arrives, Amazon Prime subscribers are looking to find out what will arrive in the catalog. As usual, the service has been adding several exclusive films and series in Brazil. With the arrival of January, this will be no different.

This list contains all the Releases that Amazon Prime released for January 2021. However, we emphasize that some productions may suffer changes or delays. The reason is that, despite having release on its official channels, the service always sends an official list near the beginning of the month.

Check out the Amazon Prime Releases in January 2021

Herself – January 4th
Sandra is a young single mother who one day decides to leave her abusive ex-husband and fight the corrupt real estate system. Her idea is to build her own home, a cozy, safe and happy home where her two daughters grow up.

For this you will have a series of friends willing to support and help you. Also, in the process, she not only rebuilds her life but also finds herself.

American Gods – Season 3 – January 11

Moon is serving time when his wife and best friend have just died in a car accident. It is in the middle of a stormy flight, on the way to the funeral, where he meets Mr. Fourth.

Now Moon must act as Mr. Wednesday’s bodyguard during a dangerous journey through the United States, a recruitment journey in the face of an impending war between the ancient mythological gods and the modern pagan gods of technology. This is the highlight of the Amazon Prime released In January 2021.

3 Paths – January 22

Series that chronicles the lives of five friends of different nationalities united by the Camino de Santiago over three different periods, the years 2000, 2006 and 2021. A mixture of drama and comedy, the story explores the relationship between five friends of five different nationalities at three specific times in their lives.

The passage of time dismantles their dreams, weaving and undoing couples and friendships and transforming the personality of the five.

Soon, new films and series will be confirmed at the Amazon Prime Releases in January 2021. We will then update that list.