Didier Lemaire, the educator of reasoning, has gotten quite possibly the most mistreated men in France for offering this expression. Islamism is winning the fight in the town where I work, Trappes. Furthermore, that triumph is certifiably not a disengaged case. Didier Lemaire has been a teacher of theory at the La Plaine de Neauphle secondary school in Trappes (Yvelines, west of Paris, 32,000 occupants) and has been compelled to leave and leave his establishment, therefore. For my security, for the wellbeing of my understudies and associates, it very well might be sensible for me to quit instructing. It is proof,  the Islamists have won the fight at Trappes. What’s more, in after French urban areas. Also, it will take quite a while, it will require a ton of exertion, before pushing them back, who can say for sure when.

After the psychological oppressor assaults the previous fall, finishing in the decapitation of an educator, Samuel Paty, Didier Lemaire chose to address the hidden issue with his understudies opportunity of training, analysis of narrow mindedness and social and strict scorn what’s more, found, stunning, that he had numerous thoughtful understudies, straightforwardly or by implication, of Islamist postulations. Lemaire chose to dispatch a few alarms, before the course of his organization, before the territorial Academy of Versailles. At the point when these alerts arrived at the popular assessment, Lemaire turned into a “public foe” for a piece of Muslim France (5 to 7 million French Muslims) and for an extensive piece of left-wing Islam, the political edge of the left and extraordinary left that professes to “comprehend” and shares, straightforwardly or in a roundabout way, a political theory where Islamism has multiplied for quite a long time.

Ali Rabeh, the chairman of Trappes, the city where Lemaire instructed, was naturally introduced to a Muslim group of Moroccan roots. He spent his whole political profession as a compatriot of Benoît Hamon, the communist possibility for the 2017 official political decision. Also, he is one of the meaningful images of the Hamon, a previous PS official, shields, driving a little radical gathering with an obvious propensity to help proposals near Islamo leftism. Rabeh got Lemaire’s revilements as a presentation of battle on political first blood. What’s more, he dispatched a metropolitan mission against the teacher of theory.

Lemaire and Rabeh both say they are “undermined with death.” The way of thinking teacher has chosen to incidentally desert instructing. Rabeh likes to keep filling in as civic chairman and has the political help of Benoît Hamon, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the head of “La Francia insoumiss” (LFI, libertarian outrageous left), and of the whole communist and socialist left, with feelings to math variable towards the proposals of radical Islam.

Degenerate the social texture

Rabeh censures a mission by the educator against the civic chairman of Trappes. Didier Lemaire gauges that Islamism is debasing a piece of the social texture of the fringe of some huge French urban areas, and remarks on the interaction thusly. In Trappes and different urban communities we are not, at this point in France. In certain urban communities and a few neighborhoods, we have quit living in our Republic. Neither opportunity of soul, nor the utilization of the body, nor correspondence are ensured. In Trappes and different urban areas on the Parisian fringe, men’s conduct has nothing to do with French traditions and the craftsmanship or connections of enchantment.

If a North African lady dares to find a seat at a bistro table, where there are just men, she is sentenced to suffer perceptions, all things considered. In the road, on the off chance that she isn’t dressed as men might suspect she ought to, they can spit on her or affront her, on the off chance that they don’t take steps to assault her. In the wake of leaving education and the flare-up of the emergency, Didier Lemaire is ensured day and night by different gendarmes and police worked in the security of characters undermined with death.

The French government is dealing with the endorsement of a bill that should battle Islamism, from its most profound roots, strict, social, transformed into a dissident development in 21st century France. Didier Lemaire has a few questions. The battle against Islamism will belong. The Law might be a decent initial step. Be that as it may, the foundations of the emergency are extremely profound.