The plans of the world-famous American studio Warner Bros. work on a project related to the 2001 mountain thriller “Training Day”. The picture has long become a cult and it is absolutely deserved. The performer of one of the main roles – Denzel Washington for the performance of the role of police officer Alonzo Harissa received the Academy Award for Best Actor. In this film, Denzel Washington played a negative role in his career for the first time. In 2017, the series Training Day was released, which was broadcast on CBS. The television series lasted only 1 season and the project was canceled. The authors failed to create a work that is not inferior in quality to the original film.

A young police officer comes to work at the Los Angeles Police Department of Narcotics. He has a training day … The newcomer’s partner is an experienced police officer, who devotes the newcomer to the nuances of the situation. Jake Hoyt (actor Eaton Hawke) begins to realize that an experienced partner is acting in ways that are not entirely legal. There is a series of events in which the newcomer plunges. The film is directed by Antoine Fuqua and written by David Eyre.

The new project will be a prequel – a story that happened before all the events told in the main film. The work on the prequel is only in its early stages. Nick Yarborough commissioned the script. The story begins 10 years before the events shown in the movie “Training Day” and tells about the life of the hero Denzel Washington. The film is set in April 1992, 2 days before the verdict was pronounced in the case of Rodney King, an African American who was beaten by police. This incident provoked riots in the city that lasted for several days. 63 people died, property damage was inflicted in the amount of about 1 mld. dollars.

It is not yet known who will work on the painting. Warner Bros. does not comment on the information. Let’s wait for new information and hope that the authors will be able to create a work that is not inferior to the main film either in an exciting plot or in the cast.