From poor to rich for an unsold ticket, this has been the fate of a 46-year-old citizen of Kollam in the state of Kerala (India). Sharafudeen was pleasantly surprised when she learned that her remaining ticket, among others, unsold, from the Kerala government Christmas and New Year special edition, had come out with the top prize valued at more than one million euros.

The seller, who lives in a small house on government land, has cared for his mother, two brothers, his wife and their son since the start of the pandemic. His situation was tough due to his economic conditions, but, finally, luck was on his side.A native of Tenkasi he returned to Kerala from Riyadh in 2013 after working there for nine years doing odd jobs. And up until now he had been selling lottery tickets in some nearby cities in the state for a living. A decision that you will never regret, since, thanks to having the winning number, you are now a millionaire.

I want to build my own house, pay off my debts and start a small business with the award amount,Sharafudeen told the Press Trust of India.However, due to a 30% tax deduction and a 10% agent commission on the prize money, the Indian citizen will end up with a total of 79,000 euros. Of course, you will have no problems in carrying out your plans for the future.