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Bitcoin has become so big that many companies have turned most of their balance sheet into bitcoin. You may visit Bitcoin Sprint to become an independent, successful bitcoin trader and make the best out of your bitcoin trading journey. Companies like Micro strategy have significantly benefitted from the skyrocketing market value of bitcoin. Tesla is amongst the companies holding a massive extent of bitcoin in their portfolio. 

Look at the five best and biggest publicly traded companies with bitcoin portfolios:


Microsoft has reportedly held around $10 million of bitcoin in its portfolio since 2014. In 2014, Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, predicted that all big businesses would soon start accepting bitcoins for their services and goods.

Microsoft has over 90,000 employees, and there are only about 1,000 employees who are working on bitcoin-related projects. The company’s primary focus is on implementing blockchain technology in its future projects to make the company future-proof from any competition across the globe.

Microsoft has recently acquired a multi-billion-dollar blockchain startup; a company considered one of the leaders in blockchain technology implementation. The company is still a market leader, but with the entry of new technologies, Microsoft has started adapting to them and implementing them for their future.

Microsoft has kept a massive amount of bitcoin in its portfolio since 2014. It will be interesting to see how many bitcoins will be in Microsoft’s inventory by 2020.


Visa is an American-based credit and debit card services provider established in 1958 as National Bank America Corporation. Initially, it was an association of various banks, but later they started accepting members from outside the banking industry, such as merchants, retail groups, etc.

Visa is one of the world’s largest payment processors, which processes 2.2 billion transactions daily and over 2.8 billion transactions annually. Visa has a total employee strength of 44,000 people across 158 countries. 

Visa has credited bitcoin in their portfolio since 2014, and On 28th Feb 2015, Visa stockholders approved the company to issue $100 million in shares for acquiring a majority stake in Chain. Visa is also an owner of Xapo, which issues bitcoin debit cards to its users backed by bitcoins held in offline vaults.


Fitbit is an American-based fitness tracker manufacturer founded in 2007 and currently has a market value of around $6.38 billion. The company’s main products are fitness trackers and smartwatches. Fitbit’s financial performance has been growing steadily since its IPO in 2015; the stock increased by 73 percent in 2017. The company is also slowly increasing its bitcoin portfolio since 2014, as shown in its annual reports.


Tesla is an American-based automotive and energy storage manufacturer established in 2003 by two of the PayPal founders who had an interest in working in electric car development. Initially, it was a luxury car manufacturer, but on 2013, Tesla made it possible for people who do not have money to purchase a Tesla car by selling the company’s stock.

Tesla has been credited with bitcoins for a long time and currently holds around $2 billion of bitcoin. On the 6th of May 2017, 3.8 million shares representing 7% of Tesla’s total float had traded for $305 per share, and less than two hours later, the share prices touched $341 per share, an increase of 30%.

The recent news has also confirmed that Tesla is working with, a bitcoin data show platform for investors to monitor the bitcoin price and other technical indicators related to bitcoin price.

Micro strategy!

Micro strategy is a holding company that includes various companies such as Microsoft, aspDotNetStorefront, dot horizon, terrarium tv, etc. It is owned by Michael Saylor, a Microsoft employee for nearly eight years before he left Microsoft and started his own company.

Micro Strategy has been credited bitcoins from 2014 onwards in its financial reports. The company is the second largest shareholder of Bitcoin Investment Trust; it holds 3.1 million shares (5% of BITS’ shares) valued at $300 million.

Mirco strategy is the largest public company holding bitcoin. The company is expecting huge profits from bitcoin as its value keeps increasing daily.

 Bitcoin Investment Trust

Bitcoin Investment Trust is a Grayscale Investments sponsored investment trust in which it acquires bitcoin and provides an avenue for investors to invest in bitcoin through a traditional investment vehicle like stocks and funds. 

Before 2016, the company was known as Bitcoin Investment Trust, but in 2016 it went for re-branding after receiving permission from SEC under registration statement number 333-213795. Bitcoin has been credited in BIT’s portfolio since 2015 and currently holds over $1 billion of bitcoin. The company’s portfolio also includes holdings of other major cryptocurrencies such as ethereum, litecoin, etc.