The series Sky Rojo arrives on Netflix on March 19 and has many possibilities to become the new success of the platform. A luxurious production, a cast full of familiar faces, a prominent role of female characters, and a frantic-paced plot are some of the reasons to get hooked on it.


Sky Rojo tells, in essence, the flight of Coral, Wendy, and Gina ( Veronica Sanchez, Lali Espósito, and Yany Prado ), three prostitutes who work in a brothel, after having violently beaten Romeo ( Asier Etxeandia ), the owner of the brothel. From there, and after having suffered despicable clients in their flesh, they see a great opportunity to regain their freedom.

The bad part is that the owner of the brothel is not going to stop until he gets his slaves back. To do this, he sends two henchmen, Christian ( Enric Auquer ) and Moises ( Miguel Ángel Silvestre ), to catch them and bring them back to the club.

Chases by car and on foot, weapons, and a lot of drugs are the key elements that appear in a plot full of scenes of well-executed action. And with many points in common with Tarantino’s cinema. Its large violent load makes it unsuitable for the smallest of the house.


Under the guise of a thriller, there is an unsubtle denunciation of the trafficking of women who are used to calm the desire for sex of paying men. And, although there are many characters in this series, the absolute protagonists are three women of different ages. Coral, Wendy, and Gina are those three girls who dream of regaining their freedom.

To do this, they start a flight to a future without abusive men and with sincere love without money involved. In times of #MeToo, it is appreciated to listen to dialogues such as those spoken by the character of Verónica Sánchez with her voice-over, who openly tells of the contempt suffered by many brothel workers.


Who can resist watching an action series in which to tell a little more (that is, spoiler) about its plot would be a big mistake? In Sky Rojo, there are deaths, surprising script twists, and surprises in the form of flashbacks in each of its chapters. The 8 episodes of its first season do not exceed 30 minutes each, which makes this production a perfect option to watch in marathon mode.

Also, those responsible have enjoyed the great support of Netflix, which has trusted them in a clear and obvious way. Under normal conditions, when a series is released, you have to wait a while to see if there will be a second batch of episodes. In Sky Rojo, it is not that it has been confirmed that it will have a second season. but that this one has already been recorded. In the Canary Islands, by the way.


A winner of a Goya Award, stars of series that have been a success, a team of highly rated scriptwriters. In Sky Rojo, the viewer can find many incentives to get hooked. Verónica Sánchez became a star thanks to Los Serrano, while Miguel Ángel Silvestre participated in Sin Tits, No Paradise, and Velvet, but also in Sense8 and Narcos.

For his part, Enric Auquer won the Goya Prize for his work in Quien a Hiermata . And Asier Etxeandia was about to achieve it for Pain and glory. And, although they are not yet known in Spain, the Cuban Yany Prado and the Argentine Lali Espósito already enjoy enormous popularity in Latin America.

Finally, one of the factors that could anticipate the success of this series could be who is in charge. Under the heading ‘of the creators of La casa de Papel,’ we find the scriptwriters and producers Esther Martinez Lobato and Alex Pina, who touched the sky with that series of thieves. With all these details plus the support of a great platform like Netflix, everything seems to indicate that Sky Rojo will be a success.