Entrepreneurship and digital marketing are both extremely difficult practises in the industry, however that does not simply stop professionals from having a particular vision that is keenly inclined towards very specific ideas. One very established professional among them is Vaibhav Singh Rajawat, a digital marketer who not only works hard to approach the industry in a fresh outlook but also implements his extremely modern ideas over it all.


“Because our generation is advancing, and because there has been a great deal of development in the digital media world too, I think everyone should focus on how the developments have been through the years. A more modern approach needs to be adopted in the present times, because that is when the expectations of the people will correspond along with the supply from us, and hence we will be able to perform the functions of digital marketing in a rather refined way. Yes, the classic and traditional strategies will always come in handy, but they will need to be amended on modified time and time again. Personally speaking, I loved to research it. now what you find for yourself is completely dependent on your area of specialization and interest, that is when you cannot look up to anyone else. Hence, start out young, and find your area of skill, that way you will be able to level yourself up in a shorter span of time.”, says Vaibhav Singh Rajawat.

Currently, he has around two established companies all over the world, reaching out to millions of people and successfully serving thousands. although the digital marketing service that has been extended over to Dubai, registered with the same, his content writing agency has also managed to help with several urgent assignments and projects. Because Vaibhav Singh Rajawat is very efficient, he actively picks up whatever opportunity is thrown at him.

But this was not the case before- when he first completed his mechanical BTech degree from IIM ET Jaipur, he knew he had to know more. This is why he also managed to complete his MBA from the Maharishi Arvind Institute of Science and Management. You see, Vaibhav Singh Rajawat has always wanted to become established through a brand and digital marketing in the educational industry. “If you don’t realize sooner in life the importance of education, you will have to face a lot of challenges, some you might not be able to overcome. Study hard, learn more from your environment and experiences, and keep learning in every step of life. Whether it is digital marketing in general or consumer satisfaction in particular”, Vaibhav Singh Rajawat comments on his goals.