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Fueled by an increasing prevalence of mental health challenges, mood tracking has become integral to mental health care and overall wellness. These apps are a product of advanced technological improvements. It is designed to track various human emotions and identify habits and trends through data capture and management.

Recording the events that cause sadness, happiness, and anxiety is possible. The app analyzes these triggers over time to identify if there is any pattern. Mood tracker apps can be used as daily companions and for routine data collection. It records your feelings as long as you have the device on you. The most popular apps in this category include Daylio Journal, Moodpath, and Worry Watch. Given their growing popularity, here are three highly acclaimed options to explore based on online searches and user reviews.

Daylio Journal

Daylio Journal is a simple app that allows users to keep track of the activities that impact their mood over a period. The app is easy to use compared to other mood trackers. It is possible to initiate a tracking process with just two simple taps. For instance, a set of emojis is displayed on your device to answer “How are you?”

Once you select the one that explains your current mood, the next tap is to describe your activities. This answers the question, “What have you been up to?” It is possible to edit the emojis and add as many as possible. Likewise, you can also add more activities if it is not captured in the app.

For instance, if you find it exciting whenever you visit social media like Instagram or TikTok, you can track how you feel each time. Likewise, if playing online games, you can also monitor the impact on your mood. Because these outcomes are not defined, you may lose or win some games. The app allows you to track these feelings, which is fantastic.

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Daylio is available on Google Play Store and Apple Store. It has a free version with limited features. Regardless, subscribe to the paid version to unlock the entire app. The fee is $2.99 monthly and $23.88 per annum.

Worry Watch

Worry Watch, as the name suggests, allows users to track their worries over time. It is excellent for discovering what causes mood changes and for dealing with these changes. The app integrates mental health wellness, mood tracking, and an anxiety journal. Also, it offers guided coping strategies to help mitigate these worries. Typically, the app lets users record their fears, panic, or anxiety in a journal. The app allows users to identify patterns and categorize their worries into health, relationship, work, and other categories.

Furthermore, the intensity of the worry can also be measured on a scale provided by the app. This helps to determine the severity associated with each concern. The guided anxiety journal records these events to assist users in managing these worries. State the reason, respond, and reflect before applying the app’s guided coping techniques. This section shows you routines like breathing, visualizing, and meditating. The last procedure requires positive affirmations to help re-purpose your worry and help you manage the anxiety. Worry Watch is available on iOS and Android. It is free for limited access and $11.99/year for premium content.


MindDoc is the perfect companion for those on a recovery track to improve their mental health. It is a handy tool therapists use for prevention, treatment, and continuing care management for patients going through mental health challenges. MindDoc is a self-monitoring app focusing on various mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, sleeping, and eating disorders.

It starts with monitoring and documenting possible symptoms. These include sadness, low self-esteem, sleeping difficulty, brooding, and depression. The app lets you enter your feelings and be as explicit as possible. It gives you the feeling that you are having a therapy session. Upon analyzing the information, it presents a detailed report that healthcare professionals like psychologists and therapists can use to make better decisions. It is free on iPhones and Google Play. Users access the premium version for extra pecks for $7 per month or $48 per year.


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), suicide ranks fourth as the leading cause of death among younger people aged 15 to 29. Most of these deaths have been tied to depression and mental health challenges. Unfortunately, there is a huge gap between the number of affected persons and their ability to access proper treatment.

Technology offers a bailout in providing realistic preventive and management tools. With mood-tracking apps, users can identify patterns of anxiety and disorders quickly. These could lead to depression and mental health challenges. Apps like MindDoc and WorryWatch have become crucial for real-time data monitoring and mental health management.