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Posted By:   Ilija_Obucina
Posted On:   Thursday, September 5, 2002 04:23 AM


I am using WSAD Testing environment for an application that is running on
WebSphere 3.5 server. The
application is passing config parametes to jsp
servlet.I need to do the same thing in testing environment, which is to
modify config file for jsp servlet so that jsp servlet is initialized with
those config parameters. So far I was not able to find config file for jsp
servlet (JSP 1.1 Processor).

Please help

Re: WSAD - testing environment

Posted By:   Christopher_Koenigsberg  
Posted On:   Thursday, September 5, 2002 08:16 AM

That would be the "WEB-INF/web.xml" file, right, under the web application context root, in the deployed copy, in whatever temp working directory the test WebSphere server uses, under the WSAD installation (do a search for it under the IBM WSAD install dir .plugins, .metadata etc., or under the location where you tell it to keep Servers stuff).

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