Is isThreadSafe="false" is safe?
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Posted By:   Anonymous
Posted On:   Wednesday, August 28, 2002 05:33 AM

In my JSP page, due to some reasons i am using isThreadSafe="false". I doubt it will cause some performance problems as my site will be accessed by atleast 100 users concurrently.

Please advice me, whether it is safe to use "false" for isThreadSafe.



Re: Is isThreadSafe="false" is safe?

Posted By:   Yehonatan_Moses  
Posted On:   Thursday, August 29, 2002 12:24 AM

it depends on what you mean advice.. ?

in order to use isThreadSafe you have to be carefull ,

it means that your servlet-runner will have to allocate a
new object on each request.
this is not the meaning of servlet-ruuner....
if you use some statefull data you need to store in a servlet/jsp page,
it's ok to use isThreadSafe="false"

but for a whole web-app ??

it means that your web-app is not designed correctly.
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