XML parsing with DTD in MIDP application.
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Posted By:   ajay_luthria
Posted On:   Friday, August 16, 2002 07:49 AM

Chaps, I am sending large amount of XML Data to a server thru my MIDP application.

Now as the data is in XML Format I need to parse it against a DTD before sending it as I am sending long XML formats.

Is it advisable to include DTD's in XML parsing while sending XML data to the server or just to create the data in XML format and send it off whthout DTD as the DTD may take up space.

Please can some one advise.



Re: XML parsing with DTD in MIDP application.

Posted By:   irfan_mansha  
Posted On:   Monday, August 19, 2002 02:27 AM

It depends on your application business logic. If you have ur own xml structure instead of you are receiving from any third person or application then there is no need to validate xml structure. If you are receiving xml structure from out side of ur application then u have to need to validate receiving xml structuring against your DTD. so that your application can work properly because it depends on xml strucutre.

I think it would be helpful.

take care,

irfan mansha.
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