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Posted By:   Elena_Santander
Posted On:   Thursday, August 8, 2002 07:17 AM


First, sorry because i don't write Eincglish very well.

This is my problem. I have a mail with some attachment and i have to save this attachments in my computer. when this attchments are "text/plain" it's allright, bue when the attachments are image/*, i only save in this file this sentence: com.sun.java.mail.util.Base64DecoderStream.
I have tried with many function of the API, sample: Decoder, decoderBuffer, Base64Decoder and the result it's teh same...ERROR.

Anyone can helps me?
Regards Elena.

Re: get an Attachment

Posted By:   gurpreet_ahluwalia  
Posted On:   Friday, August 9, 2002 09:50 PM


its very simple.....

if u want i will send u the code....

actually it's a servlet ...

so when i click on the link of attachment... it will execute this servlet and then u can have ur any form of attachment on to ur computer.....

may it be image,zip,exe,etc or text.....


mail me at gurpreet_gh761230@rediffmail.com

Re: get an Attachment

Posted By:   Sujith_Kumaya  
Posted On:   Friday, August 9, 2002 01:59 AM

Just check out this link

Hope this help you

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