JMS and OS message queue (via JNI) performance
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Posted By:   chris_suen
Posted On:   Friday, August 2, 2002 05:56 PM

I recently did a benchmark on this, and found out that the
JMS is 60 to 70 times slower than the native OS message queue. Can the JMS be as fast as the native OS message queue and how can I achive it. We are trying to design a very high performance clusterable real time system which needs the JMS to perform as fast as the OS message queue and now our systems cannot be clustered because of the JNI calls to OS queue.

Re: JMS and OS message queue (via JNI) performance

Posted By:   Martin_Kernland  
Posted On:   Tuesday, August 6, 2002 01:20 AM


Which JMS product did you look at? There are several out there and they all perform quite differently. How many messages per second do you need and how big are your messages in average? Do you need transactions or persistency? Are you using message selectors? What machines do you have? What do you need clustering for? Is it for fail-over/high availability or load-balancing? How many producers and how many consumers do you have? If we have the answers to these questions, we maybe can tell you if it is possible.

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