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Posted By:   shital_mhatre
Posted On:   Friday, July 26, 2002 01:40 AM

I want to know the following things:

1) What are XML Signatures and XML Encryption?Can they work without SOAP?

2)What is the significance of SOAP envelopes in XML document?

3)What are thae advantages of using SOAP over DCOM ,CORBA?

4)What is WS-Security?

5) How are XML,SOAP and WS-Security related what is the advantage of using them together?

Re: SOAP+XML+WS-Security

Posted By:   irfan_mansha  
Posted On:   Thursday, August 29, 2002 09:55 PM

You have great collection of questions but these are all important. Answers are as follows:

1. XML Signatures and XML Encryption is used to give security to XML content which is text and easy to read. We can't use SSL becuase it encrypts whole document but we have to encrypt only some element especially between end points of web services. So SSL doesn't support XML content completely.

2. SOAP envelop denots single request like a letter.

3. When you have to use third person's appliction you have to learn or understand all communication protocols. Because these are not standards so u have to do this paractice every time. But if you have published your service using Web Services architecutre then i don't need to learn your implementation details and protocols becuase u have followed standards and every one know standards. I see web services very usefull.

4. Web Services Security protects its request and response.

5. SOAP represents text based request and resonse so it is easy to read it or hack it. WS Security comes to protect it from hackers.
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