Interface Vs Local Interface
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Posted By:   khalil_munavary
Posted On:   Monday, July 15, 2002 04:10 AM

In EJB, we are using remote interface and local interface, for example, HomeInterface and LocalHomeInterface. What is the difference and benefit of each? Where to use which?


Khalil Ahamed. (khahmed@apis.dhl.com)

Re: Interface Vs Local Interface

Posted By:   jaivir_singh  
Posted On:   Tuesday, July 23, 2002 11:40 PM

Hi ,

Local interfaces can only be used for acessing when both the accessor and accesse are in the same container , where as remote interfaces (both home and remote)are for all acessing remotely.

Using local interfaces , boosts performance , mainly by-passing over heads like marshalling - unmarshalling etc etc .

So you can categorise your beans , based on there location and access requirements , and then decide wether they should have local or remote interfaces.Another way out is that during developement of a bean you develope both local and remote interfaces and while using you decide which interface will be best suited for accessing that particular bean .

Hope this helps you


Jaivir Singh
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