How to create TopicConnectionFactory in SwiftMQ?
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Posted By:   Kevin_Tseng
Posted On:   Saturday, July 13, 2002 09:37 AM


I created my own TopicConnectionFactory via SwiftMQ Explorer under router1/JNDI Swiftlet/Aliases and mapped it to plainsocket@router1. Is that the correct mapping or not? I noticed that there are the usages of TopicConnectionFactory, plainsocket@router1, plainsocket_appserver@router1 and plainsocket_recover@router1, which implement the com.swiftmq.jms.ConnectionFactoryImpl. What are the differences among those implementations and in what situation they service the programming needs?

Thanks in advance, Kevin,

Re: How to create TopicConnectionFactory in SwiftMQ?

Posted By:   Andreas_Mueller  
Posted On:   Sunday, July 14, 2002 01:41 AM

A JNDI alias is only to give an existing CF another name for lookup, e.g. QueueConnectionFactory as an alias for plainsocket@router1. Starting with SwiftMQ 3.2.0 you can create connection factories under JMS Swiftlet/Listeners//Connection Factories. A CF has various attributes. The predefined plainsocket@router1 is that you use for normal operations, plainsocket_appserver is that you may use with an app server (it has the class loader setting to true) and plainsocket_recover is used if you have many rollbacks/recover operations (it has a smaller consumer cache size). You are free to create your own specific connection factories. Look here (scroll down, CONNECTION FACTORIES):

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