JBuilder6 debugging problem
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Posted By:   Chris_Stevens
Posted On:   Wednesday, July 10, 2002 03:57 AM

Hi, I'm a 'newbie' to JBuilder and am having a problem getting the debugger to work.

When I set a debug point and debug a class, JBuilder displays a 'JBuilder API Decompiler' class in the source window which has the comment "// -- implementation of methods is not available" and the code never appears to reach the breakpoint. I guess this must be some kind of configuration setting but I have been unable to locate one.

Anyone any ideas?


Re: JBuilder6 debugging problem

Posted By:   Laurent_Mihalkovic  
Posted On:   Friday, July 12, 2002 03:03 AM

this happens if you try to trace through some code for which you do not have the source code. If you do have the source code, then point Jbuilder to it via the "Project/Properties/required libraries" tab.
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