Please REPLY me about JavaMail with Attachment
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Posted By:   Asad_Moosa
Posted On:   Tuesday, July 9, 2002 07:58 AM

I was trying to use JspSmartUpload to attach a file from the local computer and send it by JavaMail. It was succeeded on the local host JSP. I transferred the code to the real web and it did nto work. So Someone told me that JspSmartUpload is obsolete. Then i used UploadBean 1.0 components and did not see any a full path ("getFullPathName()") function in Uploadbean. I couldn't attach and send a file by JavaMail. Do you have any code that i can attach and send a file by JavaMail in JSP? I am not good in code. Can you please help me get a code for that? I want a code in JSP by JavaMail. Thank you.

Re: Please REPLY me about JavaMail with Attachment

Posted By:   diger_qiu  
Posted On:   Thursday, July 18, 2002 07:52 PM

You should use jspsmartupload to upload the attached file to the server(the place your jsp server startup), and then add the attached file to multipart. you can send the file right.
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