page expired while trying to throw a jsp
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Posted By:   rajiv_verma
Posted On:   Saturday, June 15, 2002 04:05 AM

I am passing some request objects from servlet to a jsp page. I am printing those as with the help of system.out.println and I can see that they are coming till the jsp page..but when it comes to display the whole jsp page it says "page has expired.." and when I press F5 for refresh I can see the results correctly.I have checked all the code and there's nothing wrong with the syntax.The point to be noted is the results are displayed only after u press the refresh button??PLease respond as it's urgent....

Re: page expired while trying to throw a jsp

Posted By:   Derek_Illchuk  
Posted On:   Wednesday, June 19, 2002 11:13 PM

You say you have checked the code, and there is nothing wrong with the syntax...isn't that always the case for every single bug we encounter? :)

Please post your code, so we may see what is happening.

When you get the "page has expired" message, that usually means that this page receives parameters from a form (on another page, perhaps?), but somehow lost this information (usually because of a refresh or using your browser history buttons).

I'm guessing...when you hit refresh, it say's page has expired, press OK to resubmit the information?


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