How to pass initialization parameters to JSP's in WTE 3.5.3/VAJ 4.0?
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Posted By:   RaviKumar_Gopalankutty
Posted On:   Monday, June 10, 2002 02:46 PM

The configuration that I have is WAS 4.0.2 AE and VAJ 4.0 Build 0628.

How do you set up the WTE 3.5.3 configuration files to set up initialization parameters that can be accessed from JSP pages using the application.getInitParameter("myParam") calls?

I know this works in WAS 4.0.2 by setting up a JSPAttribute while building the .EAR file but in WTE/VAJ adding a attribute in the myapp.webapp file does not work the same way.

When this attribute is called from a servlet/JSP using getInitParameter("myParam") call, it returns a null value.

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