<p>How 'thread-safe' is Lucene?
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Posted By:   Poorva_Potnis
Posted On:   Thursday, June 6, 2002 04:45 AM

Is Lucene thread safe in the following cases:

1. Two threads are writing to the same index - write.lock should take care of locking the index, i guess.

2. One thread is searching(or reading) the index while another thread is writing to it. - What happens in this case?

3. Two threads are searching the same index - IndexSearcher is thread-safe, right?

I am more interested in knowing what happens in case 2 above.


Re: <p>How 'thread-safe' is Lucene?

Posted By:   Otis_Gospodnetic  
Posted On:   Thursday, June 6, 2002 08:21 PM

Cases 2 and 3 will work just fine. 2 Threads cannot be modifying the index simultaneously (case 1).
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