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Posted By:   ketan_taylor
Posted On:   Tuesday, June 4, 2002 01:06 AM

I have lots of java code arranged in packages. I want to add Ant support for building
packages, compile and making jar.

Are there any tool or task that will help me to help me out and also build build.xml file
automaticall taking all source dependency in account.

Thanks for any inputs.


Re: Automaitc build build.xml

Posted By:   Roseanne_Zhang  
Posted On:   Sunday, June 9, 2002 06:20 PM

Ant has an optional depend task, which might help you to find out the dependencies. Javac is just stupid, and does not check dependency at all.

Since we have a lot of products and complicated dependencies on some common framework and some in house components. We make each component/product has a productname.properties. In the property file, we add a product.dependencies = ${product.name} cp3, cp2, cp1. That is just an idea for you to think of...

I've heard JBOSS has a tool build on the base of ant, does a lot of cool things we do. We finished our build system, then found that one. It is a little too late to migrate again. You might just use that one...

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