hai,what is the steps I need to follow if I want to import the package javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.* and javax.servlet.jsp.*,thank you.
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Posted By:   joan_cheng
Posted On:   Thursday, May 30, 2002 02:22 AM

Hai, currently i create a form in JSP page to let user enter their login name and password. I want to use tag libraries to check if the user enter null or invalid value because this function will use for several JSP pages.
The problem is when I compile the tag handler class, the error message come out and says that cannot import package javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.* and javax.servlet.jsp.*. Consequently, because of this problem my tag handler class cannot extends the Tag and TagSupport interface. I wish to know how to import the packages. I am using jdk1.2 and using Resin-1.2.5 as server. Wish to hear from your reply soon.Thank you very much!!!

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