Is there a (odbc) protocol that will allow me to connect to a database on a remote server?
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Posted By:   joni_sutherland
Posted On:   Thursday, May 23, 2002 07:51 PM

Hi, I've been reading about ECJ (Eclipse Compiler for Java) and I'm confused by some concepts: 1. Is it "resource delta tree" or "resource tree delta" that is used for keeping track of the changes since last build? 2. Are "resource delta tree" and "dependency graph" same things, or two different things complementing each other? 3. Does the "internal built state" contain any of these two (resource delta and dependency graph), or is it just another name for those same things again? If any of you know about the incremental compilers and help me out to understand it better, it'll be greatly appreciate   More>>

I need to make a database connection to a remote server (NT).

I can connect to my local database with this URL, "jdbc:odbc:JSurvey" But when I try to simulate a network connection with this URL, "jdbc:odbc://", I get the error message,

Data source name not found and no default driver specified

I believe that that's because the server is literally looking for an odbc of the name "//"

Is that correct? Is there some protocol I should replace "odbc" with that would make that url work?



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