bean-managed, container-managed and JDBC
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Posted By:   m_marius
Posted On:   Thursday, May 23, 2002 04:03 AM

When should I use bean-managed, container-managed or JDBC?Can you give me the general criteria for choosing one of these? I read about all these but I have the feeling that I can not be persuasive answering to this question.

Re: bean-managed, container-managed and JDBC

Posted By:   AlessandroA_Garbagnati  
Posted On:   Thursday, May 23, 2002 05:24 AM


Unfortunately there are no "right answers" to this question.

The decisione depends on so many variables. Each solution has, in fact, its own pros and cons, and it is impossible provide the "one-fits-all" solution.

Only when you design the application, that is when you have all the elements (including requirements, performances, development time and all issues) you can define where to move to.

I have seen many times somebody starting from a collection of simple CMP beans, and then slowly moving some of them to BMP, others to Session Beans with JDBC and so on.

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