Establishing HTTPS connection ?
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Posted By:   Itoyjaved_C
Posted On:   Friday, May 10, 2002 03:27 AM


I am having an weblogic app server (A) , in that server
I display an jsp form with certain fields , the form's
post(submit) is directed to weblogic app server (B) ,
like https://weblogicserverB:443/AcceptFormServlet.

Now both the servers (A) & (B) are having valid
certificates. If I do send data as mentioned above will
the data send from server(A) to server(B) will be
secure by SSL.

And what all things (settings & codings )do i need to
do in order to make the transfer of data secure by ssl?

Re: Establishing HTTPS connection ?

Posted By:   Krishnan_Balasubramanian  
Posted On:   Thursday, May 16, 2002 07:19 AM


I am also trying something similar like you...I am trying to call a https://url in server B from a non https env. in server B. The server A is running web.

i tried using the HttpURLConnection but that does not support https:// calls...i shall be much grateful if you can share the code you used with me for this purpose..

i understand that there is an absract class HttpsURLConnection in sun.net....etc but i was not able to use that also...

also if you are aware kindly point me to some code on the web for thsi...

Thanks in advance

Re: Establishing HTTPS connection ?

Posted By:   Laurent_Mihalkovic  
Posted On:   Saturday, May 11, 2002 02:39 PM

unless you https server is on a different port than 443, you do not need to specify 443 in the form's post url. https://serverb/AcceptServlet is enough. as for transmition, the browser will take care of the details.


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