Applets on Netscape for AIX - no answers from IBM forum, John please help me!!!
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Posted By:   Somesh_Marepalli
Posted On:   Wednesday, May 8, 2002 02:17 PM

I am trying to run a mixture of applets (Java 1.1.x and java 2) on a web page...
I got the Netscape (4.78i) for AIX and plug-in from IBM. When I enable the plug-in, my Java 2 applet runs but the other applets stop running(??).

When I disable the plug-in, my other applets start running and the Java 2 applet stops running (this I can understand)..

Tried to convert the HTML using Sun's converter (should not matter) as Sun's plug-in should not come into effect for AIX...if i run this converted HTML, Netscape core dumps!!!

Is this a problem with Netscape on AIX..

-Somesh Marepalli

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