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Posted By:   kamlendu_pandey
Posted On:   Wednesday, April 24, 2002 06:18 AM

While running a publisher in PERSISTENT delivery mode, the durable subscriber is unable to get the messages which were delivered to it before it starts running.Once it starts it gets the messages persistently i.e even in its deactivated state. I want my subscriber to get all the messages which were send to it when subsriber starts running for the first time. How can i do so?


Re: Regarding message persistence in Topic

Posted By:   Martin_Kernland  
Posted On:   Thursday, April 25, 2002 03:37 AM


If I understood you right then you want to receive the messages that were
sent before the subscriber connects to the server for the first time (?).

This is (as far as I know) not part of the spec (at least not 1.0.2). The only
provider I know that would deliver the "whole history" of messages is Softwired
with their iBus//MessageServer product (the LE version is free for 25 connections).

According to the spec you will only get the messages that are stored after you connect
for the first time. So when the subscriber disconnects and reconnects it will receive the
messages that arrived at the server in the mean time.

Please correct me, if I'm wrong!


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