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Posted By:   Anthony_Lew
Posted On:   Sunday, March 31, 2002 09:21 PM

My question is: how do I make the equivalent java system call to clear screen as done in C++ using " system("cls"); "? Thankyou.

Re: Easy question here...

Posted By:   neal_ravindran  
Posted On:   Monday, April 1, 2002 07:07 AM

public class ClearScreen{

public static void main(String args[]){

for( int i = 0; i < 1000; i++ ){//1000? just my idea...you could use say, 50





Poor man's soln...but you should try JNI with the C function clrscr().

The following however did not work for me...and have no clue why(it should when used inside main!)


Runtime r = Runtime.getRuntime ();

Process p = r.exec ("cmd /c cls");


catch(IOException e){


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