Java app works in VAJ and WTE but not ouside IDE
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Posted By:   Clifton_Davis
Posted On:   Friday, March 8, 2002 06:29 AM

I imported a com bridge into my app it works fine in the IDE but when I export to deploy on another server app get a
UnsatisfiedLinkError. JVM can't find appropriate native-language definition of a method declared native. When I exported my code I got an extra package of C classes and a .h file also a runtime package which has a DLL and LIB file in it. Inside of VAJ the dll and lib were found in the resources. I put then in the path but I'm not sure of what is missing. Can someone help?

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Re: Java app works in VAJ and WTE but not ouside IDE

Posted By:   Mason_Taube  
Posted On:   Wednesday, March 20, 2002 05:56 PM


The DLL needs to be in the system path. You can try to fiddle with the environmental variables to make this so, or just jump the DLLs into the system32 directory... Which is in c:windowssystem32 or c:winntsystem32

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