Will we need MOM like Tiboc's Randevous
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Posted By:   Radhe_Yanamandra
Posted On:   Wednesday, February 20, 2002 09:57 AM

Hello All,

I am just now getting started on JMS. My question is with advancements in J2EE we may not need MQSeries, Tibco's randevours.

Am I missing something here or their is more to this.

I will be glad if someone could throw light on this


Re: Will we need MOM like Tiboc's Randevous

Posted By:   Bim_Patel  
Posted On:   Wednesday, February 27, 2002 12:29 PM

JMS is an API definition. You still need to buy a product that supports the API (a transport).

TIBCO (and others like MQ Series) is an industrial strength implementation that has long supported real time messaging and have only recently implemented the JMS API.

Their strengths are in the number of packaged messaging adapters to applications(e.g. SAP), databases and other systems like transaction monitor (e.g. CICS).

Developing these from scratch using JMS is no easy task! In addition, you can buy complete transformation and process integration components that can process message contents based on process rules defined in visual editors. Add to this management consoles, support for SNMP and you get a well packed information inforastructure - but one that costs serious bucks

There are JMS players at the other end of the market who are fast coming into play (e.g. SwiftMQ and SonicMQ) as well as open implementations like OpenJMS. However, adapter support and management functionality is greatly limited.

You get for you pays for....

Hope this helps...

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