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Posted By:   Ben_Soedjono
Posted On:   Thursday, January 31, 2002 11:25 AM

What is the best way to segregate applications that are very different but still share some common components?
Should I use a separate Action servlet for each application? Or should I still use one Action servlet, and delegate from there? Sometimes, I want to deploy just one application among the bunch.

Re: segegating applications

Posted By:   Ted_Husted  
Posted On:   Sunday, February 3, 2002 06:44 PM

As it stands, you can really only have one ActionServlet
in an application. You can separate them logically by
using subdirectories to organize your pages and the same
type of slashes in the URIs for your Actions.

There's new support for multiple applications in the
nightly build that makes this easier.

Documentation is still sketchy

HTH -Ted

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