Vi editor for IntelliJ/IDEA?
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Posted By:   Shailesh_Patel
Posted On:   Wednesday, January 9, 2002 10:16 AM

Is there a way to plug in a different editor than what comes with IntelliJ/IDEA? I see that it has bindings for Mac OS X and Emacs, but what about all the developers who used to use vi? having the ability to plug in any editor (or at least providing an interface to write our own editor) would be a big plus! Thanks!

Re: Vi editor for IntelliJ/IDEA?

Posted By:   Scott_Stirling  
Posted On:   Sunday, February 10, 2002 12:06 PM

There's apparently no default setting for vi, vim, elvis, gvim, etc. that you can select "out of the box." But you can create your own.

Go to IDE Options-->Keymap. Click "Copy" for the default Default keymap. Type in a name for it. Do not select it as "Active" yet or else the following will not work. First select "Apply" then continue.

Now select the new new keymap and start making the bindings map to your vi or gvim preferences. When you do this, the dialog "Current Keys" Add/Remove dialog will tell you if there area any conflicts with existing bindings.

Unfortunately, I don't see any way to make a distinction between visual and insert mode, which is a severe limitation for vi users. So I don't know how much value this keymap ability has for us.

Re: Vi editor for IntelliJ/IDEA?

Posted By:   Philipp_Meier  
Posted On:   Saturday, February 2, 2002 09:00 AM

Emacs has a great vi emulation package called "viper".
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