How to redirect javac to get CORBA files from Visibroker instead of inbuilt CORBA package of JDK1.3
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Posted By:   ahtesham_a
Posted On:   Tuesday, January 8, 2002 05:58 AM

Hi All,

Am trying to compile Java files that use ORB class from
org.omg.CORBA package of Visibroker.
But when i say javac and file name, the control will get ORB classes from inbuilt CORBA package of JDK,
instead of getting form Visibroker and i get errors.

Is it possible to make javac to get classes from Visibroker
instead of the inbuilt org.omg.CORBA package of JDK ..?..

I tried javac -classpath option, but that did not help.

I use Jdk 1.3 and Visibroker 3.4

Any help is obliged.......


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