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Posted By:   kriss_j
Posted On:   Thursday, December 27, 2001 03:22 PM

Hi all
i want to use the output that i have got from the tag in tag.
when i use like this i am getting errors.
please let me know the possible ways to excute this.

have a greate day

Re: Logic tag

Posted By:   Ted_Husted  
Posted On:   Monday, December 31, 2001 03:26 AM

Nesting tags is not permitted by the specification.
Some options would be:

  • use a Runtime Expression (scriptlet) to obtain the second

  • write a new logic tag that accepts two beans

  • enhance the functionality of your beans so that they do
    more of the work

  • do the comparision in the Action and put the result in its
    own bean so the logic:equal tag can test a property

The last option would be the most often used.
The Struts architecture is based on the idea that most of the
processing will occur in the Action so that there is very
little left for the JavaServer Page to do, except output

HTH -Ted

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