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Posted By:   Mandar_Pohnerkar
Posted On:   Saturday, December 15, 2001 02:14 AM

Please send me detail information about the log files created by tomcat server.
such as

    1. how does tomcat writes to log files,i.e what file is responsible for creating log files

      and how does tomcat server reades that file

  • Re: Log files

    Posted By:   Munish_Jauhar  
    Posted On:   Saturday, December 15, 2001 02:26 AM

    Hi Mandar

    Within the tomcat folder there is another folder called conf which contains a file called server.xml, within this file you can adjust the following parameters:

    verbosityLevel = "INFORMATION"


    verbosityLevel = "INFORMATION" />

    Also within the omcatconf there is a file called wrapper.properties, within this file you will find the following lines:



    If you are running tomcat in conjunction with IIS that you have setup the ISAPI redirect DLL file then these two lines will enable you log all your error messages and System.out.println() statements to these files for debugging.


    Munish Jauhar
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