Hashtable and database table
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Posted By:   Sunitha_Lakkakula
Posted On:   Wednesday, December 5, 2001 02:08 AM


Currently I am using a hashtable in my program but with that I am getting errors like NullPointerException at runtime.So,I want to create a database table instead of a hashtable.

Could you please tell how I can use it so that I can store an object in a database table like there are objects stored in hashtable.

Waiting for a quick reply.

Thank you

Re: Hashtable and database table

Posted By:   Bozidar_Dangubic  
Posted On:   Wednesday, December 5, 2001 06:06 AM

well, database is not going to help you in solving NullPointerExceptions at run-time. these usually come from bad logic in the program. but to answer your question directly you can store objects into a relational database by mapping java types to sql row types which you need to define for each object you want to store. look into java.sql.SQLData interface for more info...
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