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Posted By:   chenna_dulla
Posted On:   Monday, December 3, 2001 06:01 AM

Hi all,

Can any one help me

1)what is class path

2)what are the diff betw java script and java

3)what are the diff betw a class and component

4) Is there any diff betw a java and server side java.

Re: What is class path

Posted By:   Bozidar_Dangubic  
Posted On:   Monday, December 3, 2001 06:36 AM

  1. class path is the physical path to directories on the computer in which JVM will attempt to locate classes that it needs during the execution of a program.
  2. javascript is a client-side technology used with web browsers. it is executed inside the client's browsers. java is a programming language which can be executed in the Java Virtual Machine on any platform.
  3. component is a unit of executable code that contains one or more resources. components usually expose an interface that other components use to access the component. internals of the component are usually hidden and all communications with the component is performed through its interface. ideally, components can be deployed on any compatible platform with little or no effort and its internals can be changed without any effect on other components utilizing it. where class differs from the components is in the fact that components are usually composed of several classes. classes that are well designed inherit similar characteristics of a components in that they can be 'deployed' in any JVM, expose a public interface through which all communication occurs and hide implementation where it can change without affecting any other class/component utilizing the class.
  4. server side executes on the server. there really is no definition of server-side, i.e. there is no such thing as server-side java. in a distributed environment, you can view code executing on the server as server-side and code executing on the client as client-side, but in reality, it is all just JAVA. now J2EE components usually execute on the server and could be considered server-side, but as I said, there is no definition of server-side Java.
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