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Posted By:   Diego_Andrade
Posted On:   Saturday, November 17, 2001 01:06 AM

i'm thinking about developing a web site. I have thought in a solution using postgres, jdbc, apache, tomcat(JSP). I would like to know if there is any tool that can help me to develop faster the web-site. Tools, like editor, automatic form creators, transparent access to DB. I know taglibs, but i don't know if it's a technology mature enough. Excuse by my ought english. i hope you understand me.

Re: Help for developing jsp web

Posted By:   Bozidar_Dangubic  
Posted On:   Sunday, November 18, 2001 07:05 AM

if you want the tool, you can use dreamweaver ultra dev. it is pretty decent for db connectivity and more advanced features...
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