How to upgrade IDEA ?
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Posted By:   Tal_Dayan
Posted On:   Monday, November 5, 2001 01:05 PM

I have IDEA install on my system and I want to upgrade to a newer version while preserving my setup. What is the best way to do so ?

Re: How to upgrade IDEA ?

Posted By:   Chris_Bartley  
Posted On:   Friday, November 16, 2001 07:28 AM

A poster on the list suggested the following procedure, and i've found it to work nicely every time:

  1. Assuming your current IDEA installation is at c:idea, rename it c:idea.old

  2. Install the new IDEA to c:idea

  3. Copy c:idea.oldinidea.license to c:ideainidea.license

  4. Copy the entire contents of the c:idea.oldconfigkeymaps directory to c:ideaconfigkeymaps

  5. Copy the entire contents of the c:idea.oldconfigmigration directory to c:ideaconfigmigration

  6. Copy the entire contents of the c:idea.oldconfigoptions directory to c:ideaconfigoptions

  7. Copy the entire contents of the c:idea.oldconfig ools directory to c:ideaconfig ools

  8. Copy any user-defined templates in the c:idea.oldconfig emplates directory (such as user.xml) to c:ideaconfig emplates. Be sure to not just copy the entire directory, because you'll overwrite any changes IntelliJ may have made to the standard templates.


Re: How to upgrade IDEA ?

Posted By:   Ann_Oreshnikova  
Posted On:   Tuesday, November 13, 2001 07:46 AM

Before upgrading, you just have to save your config directory, project file(s) and the idea.license file (from the bin directory) to the temporary folder, and then just write them over the new installation.

Please note: it is not recommended to overwrite configuration files, that are part of the standard IDEA distribution (live templates, keymaps, etc.), since in the new IDEA version they might have been changed.

Re: How to upgrade IDEA ?

Posted By:   Hani_Suleiman  
Posted On:   Tuesday, November 6, 2001 11:40 AM

I've never actually had any problems with unpacking an IDEA zip/tar.gz file right over my current installation. Some recommend copying over the config files from the old installation to the new one, but I've never found this necessary.
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