Problem in loading the shared library (.sl) built using existing archive libraries (.a)of a C++ application on HP-UX with JNI on Java 1.1
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Posted By:   Anitha_Jayaram
Posted On:   Sunday, November 4, 2001 08:44 PM

I have a problem with loading the Shared library created on HP-UX with Jni for java 1.1

I have an existing application in C++ which has archive libraries(.a files.

I am creating the shared library (.sl) with an object file(.o) which is created using the .a files. The problem is in loading this (.sl ) library. The environment variable SHLIB_PATH is set to the directory where the shared library is present.
The .a files of the existing application are not compiled with +z option.

Could any one please suggest a work around for this.

Anitha Jayaram

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