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Posted By:   Matt_Stein
Posted On:   Wednesday, October 31, 2001 08:30 AM

Here's the problem:

I have to port a large application from JDK1.3 to PJava. Sucks, I know, but we have JVM restrictions. Anyway, in my 1.3 application, I made my own EventQueue to trap and manipulate events by pushing an extended object onto the default EventQueue. Due to limitations in java.awt.EventQueue in JDK1.1.8 (which now I've been using to develop in so that everything will port easily to PJava), I can't just do that.

So, my question to all you long-time developers is: how can I trap events and manipulate them in JDK1.1.8??? Would I do something with postEvent(AWTEvent)???

Please Help!
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