<%@ and <jsp:direcive.blabla...
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Posted By:   bay_blur
Posted On:   Saturday, October 13, 2001 07:42 AM

When i run this; <%@ include file="filename" %>
everything is normal

When i run this;
it gives me error

I am using jdk1.3.1_01 and Tomcat4.0 on Win2K

What could be wrong?

Re: &lt;%@ and &lt;jsp:direcive.blabla...

Posted By:   AlessandroA_Garbagnati  
Posted On:   Saturday, October 13, 2001 08:12 AM


I think that the problem is that the tag doesn't exists either in the JSP 1.1 and 1.2 specifications.

If you want to dynamically include a page, you can use the tag or, eventually, the tag.
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