Accented Chararacter with Java 1.3
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Posted By:   eparcel_eparcel
Posted On:   Tuesday, October 9, 2001 07:35 AM

I'm currently migrating a Java application from Sun Java 1.2 to 1.3. <>The application is simply listening on a socket and receives text.

I noticed that under 1.2 when french accent was received they were processed correctly (ie I could log in a text file or on System.out what was received and I could see the french character).

Unfortunately under 1.3 all french accent are gone and all "unknown" character is replaced with a "?".

Any idea why and how to fix that.
Thanks a lot for your help

Re: Accented Chararacter with Java 1.3

Posted By:   John_Zukowski  
Posted On:   Thursday, October 11, 2001 09:35 PM

Where are characters replaced? This sounds like an output issue. Are they displayed fine in a TextArea and just chopped off with System.out.println()? System.out chops off the high-order byte.
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